Eligibility and Criteria

GRE Eligibility and Criteria 2024

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GRE Eligibility and Criteria

  • GRE Exam Eligibility 2024:
    • The GRE General Test, conducted by ETS, is open to candidates without specific eligibility criteria.
    • No age limits or educational qualifications are mandated for GRE 2024.
  • GRE Eligibility Criteria:
    • The GRE Exam has no specific educational prerequisites, making it accessible to all interested candidates.
    • Typically used for master’s degree admissions, candidates often need an undergraduate degree in the relevant field.
  • Age Requirement:
    • ETS or universities abroad set no upper age limit for GRE exam registration.
    • Candidates of any age can register for the GRE without restrictions.
  • Qualification Requirement:
    • While there is no mandatory qualification for the GRE, candidates are expected to have completed their undergraduate programs.
    • Not all programs and universities require GRE scores for admission; it depends on the discretion of the institution and the specific course.
  • ID Requirements (2024):
    • Valid Indian passports with the candidate’s name, photograph, and signature are the only accepted primary ID for GRE 2024.
    • Candidates must keep their valid Indian passports during GRE registration and carry them to the GRE Test Center for identification verification.
    • No other documents are accepted as part of the GRE eligibility criteria.
  • Gap Years and GRE Eligibility (2024):
    • Candidates taking a gap year or two for competitive exam preparation or other reasons do not face any eligibility restrictions for the GRE.
  • Re-attempts and Eligibility:
    • Per ETS guidelines, candidates can attempt the GRE up to 5 times in a rolling year.
    • A mandatory 21-day cooling-off period between attempts allows candidates to refine their preparation strategies.
  • Accommodations for GRE Exam (2024) Eligibility:
    • Test takers requiring accommodations during the GRE should apply to authorities for an accommodation-friendly test center before registering.
    • Eligible candidates will receive confirmation from ETS, enabling them to proceed with GRE test booking.
  • Nationality and GRE Exam Eligibility:
    • Candidates of all nationalities are eligible to take the GRE.
    • There are no restrictions based on nationality for GRE test takers.
  • GRE Home Edition Eligibility (2024):
    • In response to COVID-19, ETS introduced the GRE at Home option for increased accessibility.
    • Candidates must meet mandatory system requirements for home testing, including specific computer, speaker, microphone, and camera specifications.
  • System Requirements for GRE at Home:
  • Computer Requirements:
    • Desktop or laptop (no tablets or mobile devices)
    • Approved operating system (Windows 10 or 8 for PC, Mac OS X 10.5 or higher for Mac)
    • Chrome or Firefox browser (no multiple monitors)
  • Speaker Requirements:
    • Internal or external speaker (no headsets or earphones)
  • Microphone Requirements:
    • Internal or external microphone (not part of a headset)
  • Camera Requirements:
    • Built-in or separate webcam with 360-degree view capability
  • Environment and Testing Space:
    • Private room with no interruptions
    • Not allowed in public spaces
    • Doors closed during the test.
    • Tabletop and seating requirements for computer setup
    • Clothing and appearance guidelines for visibility and appropriateness
  • Note-taking Materials:
    • Restrictions on note-taking materials for security purposes
    • Permitted materials include a small desktop whiteboard or a sheet of paper inside a transparent sheet protector with an erasable marker.
  • Test Center Requirements (2024):
    • Candidates must bring their face masks and hand sanitizers to GRE test centers as part of eligibility guidelines.

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