PTE Exam Eligibility Criteria: PTE Age Limit, Education Qualification


Discover the eligibility criteria for the PTE Academic Exam in 2024, including age requirements, educational qualifications, and essential documents. Ensure you meet the criteria before registering for the exam.

PTE Eligibility 2024 Criteria

1. Age Limit for PTE Exam

  • Minimum Age: Candidates must be at least 16 to take the PTE Academic test.
  • Parental Consent: Individuals aged between 16 and 18 require parental Consent. Download the consent form here.

2. Education Qualification for PTE Academic Exam

  • The Pearson PLC Group, the exam’s conducting body, has not specified any educational qualification criteria for PTE Academic test-takers.

3. PTE Eligible Countries

  • US, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand universities widely accept the PTE Academic Exam.

PTE 2024 Eligibility Factors

Age Limit for PTE Exam

  • Minimum Age: 16 years.
  • Parental Consent Required: For candidates aged 16 to 18.
  • Maximum Age: No limit specified.

PTE Exam Qualification

  • The conducting body, Pearson PLC Group, has not set any minimum or maximum educational qualification requirements for PTE Academic.

PTE Eligible Countries

  • US, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand universities recognize PTE Academic for admissions.

Now equipped with a clear understanding of the PTE Exam eligibility criteria, you can proceed to the PTE registration process without any hindrance. Prepare yourself for success in this widely recognized English proficiency test.

PTE Eligibility 2024 for Top Universities


Explore the PTE exam eligibility scores required for admission to some of the world’s top universities in 2024. The PTE Academic test is widely recognized by prestigious institutions, and achieving the specified scores enhances your chances of securing admission.

QS World University Rankings 2024 and PTE Exam Eligibility

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

  • PTE Eligibility Score: 65.0 & Above

2. Cambridge University

  • PTE Eligibility Score: Not Applicable (n/a)

3. Oxford University

  • PTE Eligibility Score: 76.0 & Above

4. Harvard University

  • PTE Eligibility Score: 70.0 & Above

5. Stanford University

  • PTE Eligibility Score: 68 Overall Score & Above

6. Imperial College London

  • PTE Eligibility Score: 62.0 & Above

7. ETH Zurich

  • PTE Eligibility Score: Not Applicable (n/a)

8. National University of Singapore (NUS)

  • PTE Eligibility Score: 62.0 & Above

9. University College London (UCL)

  • PTE Eligibility Score: 62.0 & Above

10. University of California, Berkeley Campus

  • PTE Eligibility Score: Not Applicable (n/a)

Understanding the PTE exam eligibility scores for these top universities is crucial for prospective students pursuing higher education. Ensure you meet or exceed the specified PTE scores to enhance your chances of admission to these esteemed institutions.

PTE Eligible Countries 2024

Understanding the PTE exam eligibility criteria for various countries is crucial for candidates aspiring to pursue higher education abroad. This section provides insights into PTE eligibility scores for select universities in Canada, Australia, and the UK in 2024.

PTE Exam Eligibility Considerations

  • Admission Requirement: PTE scores are a vital admission requirement for universities worldwide. Candidates are advised to check their preferred universities’ English language proficiency test guidelines.
  • Multiple Test Acceptance: Many universities accept multiple English proficiency tests, allowing candidates to choose the one they are most comfortable with.
  • Visa Admission Process: English scores are integral to the visa admission process. It would help if you opted for an English language exam accepted by the university admission committee and the visa-issuing authority.

PTE Eligibility – Canada

Universities in Canada

  • The King’s University College: 59 & Above
  • Simon Fraser University: 65 Points & Above
  • University of Manitoba:
    • UG: 58 Points & Above
    • PG: 61 Points & Above
  • Algoma University: 63 Points & Above
  • Conestoga College:
    • Diploma: 53 – 57 Points & Above
    • Grad: 58 – 60 Points & Above

PTE Eligibility – Australia

Universities in Australia

  • The University of Melbourne: 58 Points & Above
  • Monash University: 58 Points & Above
  • University of Sydney: 68 Points & Above
  • Deakin University: 57 Points & Above
  • RMIT University: 57 Points & Above

PTE Eligibility – UK

Universities in the UK

  • Coventry University: 59 Points & Above
  • King’s College London: 54-59 Points
  • London School of Economics and Political Science: 58 – 65 Points
  • Teesside University: 51 – 56 Points
  • University of Bath: 62 – 69 Points


Candidates planning to study in Canada, Australia, or the UK must know the PTE eligibility scores required by their chosen universities. Meeting or exceeding these scores will enhance their chances of successful admission to these institutions.

Steps to Register for PTE Academic Online

PTE Registration Process

1. Visit the Official PTE Academic Website

  • Go to the official PTE Academic website to initiate the registration process.

2.Create Your Pearson Account

  • Provide your details to create a Pearson account.

3. Receive Login Details

  • After completing the registration, expect an email from Pearson within 48 hours containing your login credentials.

3. Search for Nearest PTE Test Centre

  • Identify and select your nearest PTE test center for the exam.

4. Choose a Time and Date

  • Select a suitable time and date for your PTE exam.

5. Proceed to Checkout

  • After finalizing the details, proceed to the checkout button.

6. Pay the PTE Exam Fee

  • Pay the PTE Exam Fee of 15,900 Indian rupees to confirm your exam booking.

Other Methods of Registering for the PTE Exam

PTE Phone Registration

  • Candidates can register for the PTE Exam via phone by contacting the PTE Academic testing body at 00080 0440 2020.
  • Operating Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00 am – to 6:00 pm local time; closed on local holidays.

PTE Slot Booking / PTE Exam Booking

  • Create a Pearson account and receive login credentials within 48 hours.
  • Read the handbook available on the official website before booking the exam.
  • Select the preferred PTE test center and exam date, and proceed with the booking.
  • Pay the PTE Exam Fee of Rs. 15,900 during the registration process.

Number of Attempts for PTE Academic Exam

  • No limit is set on the number of times a candidate can appear for the PTE Academic Exam.
  • Candidates can take the next exam within a gap of 5 days, as the only criteria set by the conducting body.

PTE Test Accommodations / Special Arrangements

  • Pearson VUE provides test accommodations or “special arrangements” for individuals with disabilities.
  • Accommodations may include a separate testing room, extra testing time, a Reader, or a Recorder.

Requesting Test Accommodation

  • Candidates requiring special arrangements must specify their needs and provide documentation proof.
  • Apply weeks before booking the exam to allow the conducting body to make necessary arrangements.
  • Apply for the request before booking the exam.

PTE Exam Pattern 2024

  • The PTE Academic Exam pattern includes three sections: Speaking & Writing, Reading, and Listening.
  • Results are available in 2 business days.

PTE Syllabus 2024

  • Detailed PTE syllabus for 2024 is available for candidates preparing for the exam.

PTE Exam Preparation

  • Follow a solid PTE preparation plan for a good score.
  • Options include self-study or joining a PTE coaching center.
  • PTE preparation online, combining self-study and virtual classrooms, is gaining popularity.
  • Candidates can also refer to PTE Sample Papers.

Types of PTE Exams

  • PTE encompasses two formats: PTE General and PTE Academic.
  • PTE General assesses achievements in English learning, including a written component and an interview.
  • PTE Academic is a proficiency assessment recognized globally for those intending to work or study abroad.

Types of PTE Exams

The Pearson Test of English (PTE) offers two distinct exam formats: General and PTE Academic. Each format serves a unique purpose, catering to different needs and objectives.

1. PTE General

  • Objective: Recognizing commendable achievements in English language learning.
  • Components:
    • Written Component
    • Interview
  • Purpose: Not employed as a measure of English proficiency.

2. PTE Academic

  • Objective: Proficiency assessment for those intending to work or study abroad.
  • Recognition: Similar to TOEFL and IELTS, PTE Academic holds recognition globally, including institutions in the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and more.
  • Consistency: The PTE exam format remains consistent for all institutions worldwide.

PTE Eligibility 2024 FAQs

1. Minimum PTE Score Requirement for Australia

  • Answer: Different universities have varying PTE score requirements. Candidates planning to study in Australia can check specific university requirements for PTE scores.

2. Number of Attempts for the PTE Academic Exam

  • Answer: Pearson PLC Group sets no limit on the number of times a candidate can appear for the PTE Academic exam. However, a gap of five days is required between attempts.

3. PTE Scores for Australia Student Visa

  • Answer: PTE Academic is an English proficiency test universities require for admission. The Australian Student Visa is based on the admission letter, not the PTE score.

3. Difficulty of Achieving a High Score

  • Answer: Candidates well-prepared for the PTE Academic exam should find it achievable to obtain a desirable score. Preparation guides are available on the official website for reference.

4. Passing or Failing the PTE Academic Exam

  • Answer: There is no concept of passing or failing the PTE Academic test. Universities set specific PTE score requirements for admission.

5. Most Challenging Section in the PTE Academic Exam

  • Answer: The perceived difficulty of sections varies among candidates. A holistic approach to preparation, focusing on all sections, is recommended.

6. Cheating in the PTE Academic Exam

  • Answer: Cheating is strictly prohibited. Using unfair means can result in test cancellation and registration fees may be forfeited.

7. Cost of PTE Registration in India

  • Answer: Indian students need to pay Rs. 14,700 for PTE Academic registration. Late registrations and date modifications may incur additional penalties.

8. Acceptance of PTE Scores by Canadian Universities

  • Answer: Yes, a significant number of Canadian universities and colleges accept PTE Academic scores. Candidates can check specific institutions taking PTE scores in Canada.

9. Nature of PTE Academic Exam

  • Answer: PTE Academic is primarily an online exam, offering convenience and accessibility.

9. PTE Eligibility

  • Answer: Pearson PLC Group has not specified eligibility criteria for the PTE Academic test. However, candidates must be at least 16 years old, and those below 18 require parental Consent.

10. Is there a specific age limit for the PTE Academic exam?

  • Answer: While Pearson PLC Group sets no upper age limit, candidates must be at least 16 to take the PTE Academic test. Those between 16 and 18 years require parental Consent.

11. Can I register for the PTE Academic exam over the phone?

  • Answer: Yes, candidates can register for the PTE Exam via phone. Indian students can contact the PTE Academic testing body at 00080 0440 2020 during operating hours.

12. How soon can I reappear for the PTE Academic exam if I am unsatisfied with my score?

  • Answer: Candidates can retake the PTE Academic exam with a minimum gap of five days between attempts. There is no limit on how often a candidate can retake the exam.

13. Are there any specific requirements for test accommodations or special arrangements?

  • Answer: Yes, Pearson VUE provides accommodations for individuals with disabilities, including a separate testing room, extra testing time, or a Reader/Recorder. Candidates must specify their needs, provide documentation, and apply in advance.

14. Can I preview my PTE Academic scores before receiving the official result?

  • Answer: No, the official scores for the PTE Academic exam are released within two business days. There is no provision for previewing scores before the official release.

15. What is the validity period of PTE Academic scores?

  • Answer: PTE Academic scores are typically valid for up to two years from the test date. However, candidates should check specific university or immigration requirements for the most accurate information.

16. Can I request a rescore of my PTE Academic exam if I am dissatisfied with my results?

  • Answer: Yes, candidates can request a rescore (Enquiry on Results) within 14 calendar days of receiving their scores. There is a fee associated with this service.

17. Are there any specific PTE Academic preparation materials available?

  • Answer: Yes, candidates can find official PTE Academic preparation materials on the official website, including practice tests, sample questions, and study guides.

18. Is there a speaking section in PTE General and PTE Academic exams?

  • Answer: Both PTE General and PTE Academic include a speaking section. However, the nature and format of the speaking tasks may differ between the two exams.

These FAQs provide additional insights into the PTE Academic exam, registration process, and related considerations.